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Talenger was started by Rodney de Villiers and Muller Swart in 1998 and later Adam Cumming joined as a shareholder and technical/development director. Our first office was located in Kensington in what used to be Muller's storeroom. After a good clean, coat of paint and some hastily assembled tables Talenger was in business. Our furniture was very rudimentary and space was at a premium, even thought we were only 3 people when we started – you can imagine how small the room was. After having been burgled twice and dispossessed of our server and some computer equipment in addition to Adam having his car stolen we decided it was time to move. At about this time (2001) we started to get traction in our marketing and sales efforts which required more staff so it was logical that we had to look for bigger premises. After some frustrating searches we eventually found premises that was reasonable in rent and centrally located in Bedfordview. The problem was that we had to sign a three year lease which was daunting as the business was still growing. We made it through the first few tough years and with a lot a marketing and frustration we eventually started to succeed. Whilst all this was going on Adam was slaving away developing the technology that would eventually become the Talenger Enterprise system of which we are immensely proud. Why am I telling you this – well maybe just to prove that with hard work and determination you can succeed, the trick is never give up on a dream? The future of Talenger is bright and our technology and functionality is finding markets in mostly blue chip organisations. The recently launched Peopleplus product aimed at the SME market is growing in leaps and bounds. Regardless of how we started or where we are heading one thing has remained costant and is not negotiable- Our values Honesty and Integrity Provide unquestionable service Respect.

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